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The Mind Body Coach

Meet Sharon

In todays high speed society, Sharon delivers a teaching style like no other.  Best known for her salt of the earth personality, her heartwarming style is sure to be felt.

Sharon is an influential Coach to many in her industry, leading the way as a Personal Trainer to singles and couples winning the Genesis Body For Life National Trainer of the Year.

As a highly regarded trainer and speaker in her field, you may have recognised Sharon as the newsreader in the latest First Aid Training educational video on the Allens Training website.

Sharon Is the author of ‘Unleash Your Inner Coach’ released in October, 2016.  Her love of writing captures the heart of her Facebook followers along with submitting articles for national magazine Fitness Pro.

Internationally completing her 500hr Yoga Teacher Training, Sharon found her love of Yin Yoga for its therapeutic benefits adding another 100hrs to her portfolio.

As a Wellness Coach, Sharon has helped thousands of people online and face to face, set goals, be accountable and reach their magnificence through mindset coaching.

For more information, please contact :

M 0437 537 484

E sharon@sharonneishpt.com.au


Books sold to date

A Mind Body Coach will give you the tools to build CONFIDENCE using the BODY and SELF EFFICACY to propel your independence and self worth.

5 Questions from a Mind Body Coach

1. Are you truthful with yourself?
2. Do you know your personal boundaries, what you accept and when to walk away?
3. Is your internal dialogue affirming self acceptance, denial or a positive healthy one?
4. Do you know what your values are?
5. How well connected are you to the biofeedback between your mind, body and spirit ?

Thich Nhat Hanh...

Breathing in I calm my body, breathing out I smile.


My Commitment to You

The secret to sustaining change is to carve in good habits

Change can only happen when you do things differently to how you’ve always done them. There are so many great benefits to exercise I don’t know where to begin. From improving heart health, circulation and lowering risks to lifestyle diseases, the physical benefits speak for themselves. Exercise is proven to also improve our mental wellbeing.

I love to combine exercise, yoga practice and simple mindfulness techniques to combat reactive behaviours.  Exercise on its own is not enough to keep us motivated.

Our path is not one to confuse ourselves with ‘purpose’ or ‘advancing’ ourselves.  Our path is to REALISE through consciousness.

Try these simple mindfulness techniques:

Yoga is everything everywhere

The physical practice of yoga can be done anywhere including pranayama, silent mantras and meditation.

Journalling. Once it’s written it’s real

If you let thoughts spiral they do just that creating anxiety and restlessness within.


are a healthy way to create new neural pathways to affirm everything you are to the most important person listening – YOU.

Nourish your inner world

What is it you love to do? Gardening, dancing, crocheting?  Discover your creative self, use your hands, your voice and heart and flourish.

Music which is calming soothes our central nervous system

Choose musical tones that resonate slowly to the beat of your heart to calm the mind.

Compliment a friend

Notice the positives in co-workers, friends and family. Pass a genuine compliment and you’ll discover the joy in raising others.

Unleash Your Inner Coach

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36 reviews
Jo Baker
Jo Baker5 star — ★★★★★Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 at 10:20am

Totally loved Sharon's yoga class. I was in near tears of gratitude the whole time for the experience. A very gifted teacher who brings her deep knowledge of the human condition both physical and metaphysical to the mat. Yep definitely something special.... check her out!

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Helen Cetindag
Helen Cetindag5 star — ★★★★★Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 at 12:43pm

I joined in on one of Sharon's yoga and meditation classes and it was amazing! I find it hard like most women do to switch off and calm the mind. The class helped me to achieve some peace and relaxation. I always love Sharon's yoga classes. As she guides you through the poses with her peaceful and soothing voice you just feel at one with the universe. I will be back for more. Thanks again Sharon 😘

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